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Hotline Number 152

June 2018: The latest edition of our newsletter includes: • CHTA Secretary to retire • How to win an award • Seen at CHTA’s 2018 AGM • Business Support Helpline • Tribunal claims rise by 120%; is your business protected? • Gender pay gap reporting – what members need to know • AMRC metallurgy courses • Modern power controllers offer operational savings • Member news • Retirements • Explaining heat treatment to the layperson • Diary of upcoming heat-treatment-related events • Market movements.


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Hotline Number 151

March 2018: • CHTA AGM • Does your company deserve an award? • The travails of ISO 9001:2015 accreditation – what you think • Richard Burslem retires as CHTA supporter extraordinaire • CHTA Member Directory 2018 • Advertiser profile • Understanding Heat Treatment • Member news • CHTA news • The changing face of our industry sector


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Hotline Number 150

December 2017: • Another informative Surface Engineering and Heat Treatment Industry Conference • Report: the second CHTA-co-sponsored international heat treaters’ get-together • The travails of ISO 9001:2015 accreditation • Advertiser profiles • Member news • Advertising in Hotline.


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Hotline Number 149

September 2017: • Surface Engineering and Heat Treatment Industry Conference/Exhibition 2017 – SIGN UP NOW! • Ask not what your heat treater can do for you… • Turnaround time: CHTA member comment • Member news • Your guide to October’s Surface Engineering and Heat Treatment Industry Conference, Exhibition and Dinner • News: member technology developments.


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Hotline Number 148

June 2017: • A busy CHTA AGM • CHTA Heat Treatment Certificates • Don’t miss October’s second international heat treaters’ get-together • News • Surface Engineering and Heat Treatment Industry Conference/ Exhibition 2017: content of heat treatment sessions announced • Seen at CHTA’s 2017 AGM • Understanding Heat Treatment • Letter to the Editor • Advertiser profile


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Hotline Number 147

March 2017: • CHTA AGM 2017 • Surface Engineering and Heat Treatment Industry Conference/ Exhibition 2017: there’s a place for you at an event not to be missed! • CHTA’s new Chairman: a profile • CHTA AGM guest speaker • CHTA Member Directory 2017 • Member news • The 100th Market Movements


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Hotline Number 146

December 2016: • An auditor’s view on 15 years of Nadcap heat-treatment audits • Advertiser news • Member news • SEA/CHTA Surface Engineering and Heat Treatment Industry Awards 2016 • Why Hauck Heat Treatment scooped two industry awards • Understanding Heat Treatment • Advanced Engineering 2016…a record breaker • Surface Engineering and Heat Treatment Industry Conference


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Hotline Number 145

September 2016: • Surface Engineering and Heat Treatment Gala Dinner and Awards: Come and join us! • Member news • Advertiser news • Goods receiving – the added burden • Understanding Heat Treatment • CHTA at Advanced Engineering 2016 show • Explaining heat treatment to the layperson • Advertiser profile • Surface Engineering and Heat Treatment Industry Conference


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Hotline Number 144

June 2016: • Surface Engineering and Heat Treatment Gala Dinner and Awards: Have you applied for an award yet? • Member news • Tool-steel supplier support for heat treaters • Advertiser news • “Strong subcontracting growth continues” • Filling the MAS gap • Using vacuum furnaces to process 3D-printed parts • CHTA AGM • The case for outsourcing • Advertiser profile 


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Hotline Number 143

March 2016: The latest edition of our newsletter includes: • Surface Engineering and Heat Treatment Gala Dinner and Awards: Does your company deserve an award? • How to win an award • CHTA AGM • News • My life in heat treatment • CHTA Member Directory 2016 • Solution-orientated approach to nitriding and nitrocarburising • Surface Engineering and Heat Treatment Industry Conference: repeat scheduled! • Explaining heat treatment to the layperson


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Hotline Number 142

December 2015: • Promoting all CHTA members • Surface Engineering and Heat Treatment Industry Conference: Report / What did you think? • HybridCarb® - method to reduce operating costs in gas carburising processes • Lack of steel availability leads to loss of orders • Stemming the rising tide of energy costs • What has Nadcap done for the heat treatment industry? • Good people are hard to find • Training


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Hotline Number 141

September 2015: • Register now… Surface Engineering and Heat Treatment Industry Conference (16 October 2015) • What has Nadcap done for the aerospace industry? • Understanding Heat Treatment course (13-15 October 2015) • News • Your guide to October’s Surface Engineering and Heat Treatment Industry Conference, the first English national event/exhibition encompassing heat treatment since 2003 • Register for Hotline • Changing times: flame hardening • Advertiser profile • Letters to the Editor (re Hotline 140)


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Hotline Number 140

June 2015: • Forty years of Hotline – a fond look back • Surface Engineering and Heat Treatment Industry Conference (16 October 2015): don’t miss the first national heat treatment event in England for twelve years • Seen at CHTA’s AGM • Business Growth Service: What’s on offer to English SMEs from the government’s recent initiative? • News

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Hotline Number 139

March 2015:: • A date for your diary…CHTA AGM, 7 May 2015 • Surface Engineering and Heat Treatment Industry Conference (16 October 2015): First national heat treatment event in England for twelve years shaping up • CHTA’s new Chairman: a profile • Making it clear: How to best communicate your needs to the heat treater • Making it clear: a CHTA member comments • Book review


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Hotline Number 138

December 2014: • Surface Engineering and Heat Treatment Industry Conference announced • Easing the test-house bottleneck • CHTA Management Committee • Record turnout for Understanding Heat Treatment • CHTA Member Directory 2015 • Hot isostatic pressing


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Hotline Number 137

September 2014: • The case for outsourcing in today’s economy • Understanding Heat Treatment • R&D tax credit scheme • R&D tax relief for CHTA member • News • Spreading the word • Member profile • Advertiser profile


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Hotline Number 136

June 2014: • CHTA AGM 2014 • Climate Change Levy exemption for heat treatment • Calculation of heat-treating costs • Heat treater’s “bible” revised • News • CHTA Suppliers Day? • Benevolent Society seeking industry beneficiaries

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Hotline Number 135

March 2014: • CHTA non-disclosure agreement released • CHTA AGM guest speaker • Metallurgy certificate re-cast • Industrieverband Härtetechnik - Germany’s CHTA
• CHTA Benchmarking Club • News
• Low-temperature surface hardening of stainless steel • British Gear Association
• Integrity management
• Advertiser profile

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Hotline Number 134

December 2013:• Member news • Coming soon: CHTA standard NDA • REACH threat to refractory ceramic fibres • CHTA-sponsored NAMTEC event examines some latest heat treatment techniques • Another successful Understanding Heat Treatment • CHTA Member Directory 2014 • A practical approach to controlling gas nitriding and ferritic nitrocarburising • Hardening – where are the UK laser job shops? (Continued)

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Hotline Number 133

September 2013: • An introduction to laser hardening and its industrial applications
• Hardening – where are the UK laser job shops? • Laser hardening: comment
• Member news • Advertiser profile
• Partner events

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Hotline Number 132

June 2013: • CHTA-sponsored course: Certificate in Metallurgy (update)
• CHTA AGM 2013 (report) • Member news
• The Monty does the UK • New climate change agreements
• Advertiser news/profile

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Hotline Number 131

March 2013: • CHTA-sponsored course: Certificate in Metallurgy
• Member news • CHTA’s new Chairman: a profile • AGM marks 40 years of CHTA
• 40th Anniversary: CHTA • 40th Anniversary: Wolfson Heat Treatment Centre
• Climate change agreements: new scheme starts April 1st

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Hotline Number 130

December 2012:
• The burden of non-disclosure agreements: a word from CHTA’s Vice-Chairman
• Metallurgical Technicians Certificate: an update • Member profiles • Member news
• Member Directory 2013 • Selecting a heat treater at
• Climate change agreements (update)

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Hotline Number 129

September 2012: • Investment abounds! (Member news) • Outsourcing heat treatment – some experiences • A lifetime in heat treatment • Climate change agreements (update)

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Hotline Number 128

June 2012: • CHTA Vice-Chairman becomes SEA Chairman • CHTA AGM 2012 • Vacuum/low-pressure carburising: the contract heat treater’s view • Training • Member profile • Member news

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Hotline Number 127

March 2012: • CHTA Benchmarking Club to incorporate commodity prices • Climate Change Agreements – latest developments • Search for heat-treatment-specific management software concludes • CHTA AGM • CHTA Management Committee news • Future use of trichloroethylene?

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Hotline Number 126

December 2011: • A voice at Westminster • Proposed professional qualifications • Optimising combustion air/gas ratios • Furnace study to determine future EC action • Latest consultation on climate change agreements • New approaches to furnace atmospheres • SEA news • Member news • Member profile • Market movements

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Hotline Number 125

September 2011: • 19th IFHTSE Congress • The recruitment opportunity • Top ten heat treat advances? • Booming CHTA Benchmarking Club • Member news • Award for SEA • Member profile.

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Hotline Number 124

June 2011: • CHTA AGM 2011 • What does the future hold for UK energy supplies? • Training of metallurgical technicians • Outsourcing heat treatment is a no-brainer • Climate change agreements: performance history of the UK heat treatment sector • CHTA sponsors IFHTSE Congress.

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Hotline Number 123

March 2011: • New CHTA Chairman • Future energy supplies to be discussed at CHTA AGM • Climate Change Agreements – Milestone 5 and what next? • Avoiding the risk of critical component failure • New requirements for hardness measurement and reporting • What’s in a name?

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Hotline Number 122

December 2010: • CHTA Secretary wins Individual Achievement Award • Awards herald success of ADI Treatments • Quality: food for thought • Training: what’s you priority? • Changes to the CRC Scheme • Size of the surface engineering market? • Metal theft on the rise again

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Hotline Number 121

September 2010: • Do you have a half-hourly electricity meter? (requirements of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme) • New CCAs on hold • New CHTA Guidelines for Conditions of Business released • Surface protection of stainless steel whilst maintaining corrosion • CRC exemption for companies with CCAs • IFHTSE Congress returns to UK • EuP Directive: heat treatment furnaces


Hotline Number 120

June 2010: • New CCA target negotiations: crucial information requested • Good turnout at CHTA AGM • Whither contract heat treatment? • Training in heat treatment (letters to the Editor) · Finding a heat treater • New CHTA guidelines for conditions of business • Energy and steel prices explored


Hotline Number 119

March 2010: • CHTA’s May 13th AGM (Special discussion session on “Training in heat treatment” announced) • Training in Heat Treatment (Options, requirements and initiatives reviewed) • Understanding Heat Treatment (Another Wolfson course) • New Climate Change Agreements (Proposed changes and timing outlined)


Hotline Number 118

December 2009: • Government ignores manufacturing at its peril • Project Discovery and future energy prices • Problems of communication? (Part 2) • CCAs: latest news • How to fill the training gap? • CHTA’s website upgrade


Hotline Number 117

September 2009: • "Unfair" Energy Contracts - help needed. • Heat treater uses technology as blueprint to efficiency. • Why bother working to make a living? • Problems of communication?


Hotline Number 116

June 2009: • Good turnout at CHTA AGM • Slash your electricity bill! • Climate Change Agreements • Health and Safety • Forty-five years in contract heat treatment • Obituary: Harry Child


Hotline Number 115

March 2009: • Championing UK manufacturing • Working capital and credit management / risk reduction • CHTA's new Chairman • David Frost to speak at CHTA AGM • CCAs – milestone reporting • Tom Bell Memorial Award


Hotline Number 114

December 2008: • Countering the recession • Achieving CQI-9 – was it worth it? • Outsourcing heat treatment • CHTA’s website – what do you think? • CCAs – latest news • Obituary: Brenda Buckley • Training • SEA Award for CHTA member


Hotline Number 113

September 2008: • 2500 years of metallurgical experience • Rising energy prices - the beginning or the end? • CCAs - latest developments • Experience with a Knowledge Transfer Partnership • Salt costs • Looking back on 31 years as MTI's CEO.


Hotline Number 112

June 2008: • Climate Change Agreements: an unrealistic target review • Process control: a new approach for gas carburising • Obituary: Professor Tom Bell • CHTA AGM: photographs • Steel prices: analysis of recent developments • SEA Awards: nominations.


Hotline Number 111

March 2008: * "On your bike for CHTA's AGM" * "Risk management and insurance" * "CCAs: changing energy suppliers" * "Transporting demands for heat treatment" * "What is REACH?"


Hotline Number 110

December 2007: * "Nadcap - outside looking in"; * "Rising fear of energy crisis this winter?"; * "Capturing the captives"; * "Wolfson course marks 30-year anniversary with bumper turnout"; * "CCAs extended".


Hotline Number 109

September 2007: * "Metal theft: we are not alone!"; * "Climate Change Agreements: a progress report"; * "Moving forward on degreasing"; * "Improving energy efficiency through Energy Project Implementation".


Hotline Number 108

June 2007: * "John Cowie, CHTA's founding Chairman" (obituary); * "David Wilkins retires"; * "Smoke-free heat treatment shops".


Hotline Number 107

March 2007: * "What cost in-house heat treatment?"; * "Why CQI-9?"; * "Investing in smart meters can bring significant compliance and cost benefits"; * "HSE operational circular published after CHTA input"; * "New CHTA Chairman".


Hotline Number 106

December 2006: * "Why use contract heat treatment?"; * "Outsourcing - hope for heat treatment"; * "CCA audits: some things that CHTA members should know!"; * "Latest CCA news from SEA"; * "A good year for CHTA".


Hotline Number 105

September 2006: * "Update on energy price trends"; * "SEA Energy Management Services: what's on offer for CHTA members?"; * "Climate Change Agreements - End of Milestone Reporting"; * "How things change!" (the ever-changing face of UK contract heat treatment); * "Contract heat treatment in Australia".


Hotline Number 104

June 2006: * "New CHTA Buyers Guide to Contract Heat Treatment published" (downloadable pdf below); * "Solvent degreasing: how to be compliant"; * "New Noise-at-Work Regulations"; * "Knowledge Transfer Partnerships"; * "CHTA/SEA CCA Workshop for heat treaters"; * "CHTA Benchmarking Club"; * "Advertising in Hotline".


CHTA Buyers Guide to Contract Heat Treatment (10th Edition)

May 2006: The new definitive guide to sourcing from 70 UK-wide subcontract heat treatment specialists. For a more-readily manipulated original hard copy, contact Diana Blair (tel: 0121 237 1123; fax: 0121 237 1124; e-mail:


Hotline Number 103

March 2006: * "Contract heat treatment's positive impact on the energy/cost/value equation"; * "CCA for heat treaters kicks in - at last!"; * "Sympathetic MP visit gives some hope of back-dated CCL rebates"; * Guidance on environmental legislation for heat treaters; * "The softening insurance market".


Hotline Number 102

December 2005: Features include: * "Running out of gas? - Running out of patience"; * CCA update; * "Combating energy price increases"; * Nadcap from two perspectives; * CHTA support for Wolfson course; * New CHTA Buyers Guide planned; * Promoting CHTA and its members; * CHTA Chairman's end-of-year message.


Hotline Number 101

September 2005: This issue includes the following items: * "CHTA launches membership drive"; * CCA update; * "Bringing benefits to the bottom line: one company's experience of ISO/TS 16949:2002"; * Nadcap and aerospace heat treatment.


Hotline Number 100

June 2005: Contents of this centenary issue include: * "The 100th Edition of Hotline"; * "CCAs for heat treaters: the go-ahead"; * Nadcap; * "100 editions of Hotline: a look back".


Hotline Number 99

April 2005: Features include: * "CCAs: the finishing line's in sight"; * "Challenges met and changes accommodated": the outgoing CHTA Chairman looks back; * "New Chairman targets proper recognition of heat treatment's contribution"; * CHTA's new Chairman: a profile; * "Software to assist the heat treater"; * More on CCL/CCA; * Defining the heat treatment sector; * Publicity matters; * Health and safety.


Hotline Number 98

December 2004: Contents include: * "A healthy future? The CBI comments"; * New CHTA contact details; * "UK energy prices: the future?"; * North American gas prices: US heat treater testifies to Congress; * A further update on SEA efforts to render CHTA members eligible for CCL negotiated agreements; * Thanks to Wolfson Heat Treatment Centre.


Hotline Number 97

September 2004: Features include: * A further update on SEA efforts to render CHTA members eligible for CCL negotiated agreements; * The thoughts of former CHTA Chairman Ian Brown, on his retirement; * A response on Nadcap from the Director of PRI/Nadcap operations; * Guidance on new statutory dispute resolution procedures; * NAMTEC comment on "A healthy future for contract heat treatment?" * "Sourcing quality heat treatment".


Hotline Number 96

June 2004: Highlights the challenges now facing the heat treater in "A healthy future for contract heat treatment?". Also examines American heat treaters' perspective on Nadcap after ten year's experience.


Hotline Number 95

March 2004: Focuses on the threat to competitiveness of increasing new-legislation administration. Also examines energy purchasing and updates further on efforts to extend CCL negotiated agreements to heat treating.


Hotline Number 94

December 2003: Considers soaring energy prices and updates on renewed attempts to extend CCL negotiated agreements to heat treating. Other features cover a heat treater's experience with Nadcap accreditation and the new regulations on the disposal of hazardous waste.


Hotline Number 93

September 2003: Highlights renewed attempts to have CHTA members recognised as eligible for CCL negotiated agreements. Other features cover Nadcap, strategic partnerships, and DTI's new business support strategy.


Hotline Number 92

June 2003: Focuses on the revision of "CHTA Guidelines for Conditions of Business". Other features cover guidance on additional legal issues, Action Energy's proposals on energy benchmarking and MTI's on-line "Heat Treat QuoteMaster".


Hotline Number 91

March 2003: Includes "Your industry needs your voice" - a message from new CHTA Chairman Terry Littlewood, an article on nitrogen-supply options for furnace atmospheres, and a reminder about the FAST database.


Hotline Number 90

December 2002: Features a message from retiring CHTA Chairman David Wilkins, plans to revise CHTA's "Business Conditions Guide", and a progress report on CHTA's website.


Hotline Number 89

September 2002: This edition highlights business insurance issues and member views on the benefits of ISO 14001 accrediation.


Hotline Number 88

June 2002: This issue examines the relevance of ISO 14001 to heat treaters, CCL dual-use exemption, and the future for the UK automotive sector and its suppliers.


Hotline Number 87

March 2002: Includes a message from CHTA's new Chairman and a look at integrated plant management systems for heat treatment operations.