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Outsourcing Heat Treatment is a No-brainer

14th Sep 2011

...says Debbie Mellor, Managing Director of CHTA member Keighley Laboratories Ltd. Outsourcing, the practice of using outside firms to undertake work that would otherwise be handled in-house, is now... Continued…

Finding a Heat Treater

20th Jul 2010

CHTA Secretary Alan J. Hick offers guidance to those using the Association's website to identify members able to fulfil their specific heat treatment requirements. Clicking on "Find a Heat Treater"... Continued…

Contract Heat Treatment – the preferred option

The specialist contract heat treater is the preferred source of heat treatment for a large section of industry. Any realistic assessment of all "in-house" treatment costs shows that contract treatment offers the most effective option, in all but a minority of special situations.
By outsourcing from a subcontract sector that must optimise energy efficiency and employ latest technology in order to remain competitive, you can:

  • reduce your capital plant requirements and eliminate associated maintenance costs;
  • release valuable works space for more of your core activity;
  • avoid the cost of providing the highly-skilled supervision needed to manage today's sophisticated treatments;
  • tap into a wealth of metallurgical expertise, otherwise a diminishing resource within engineering industry as a whole;
  • achieve greater flexibility in benefiting from the best treatments;
  • access new processes and procedures immediately they are available, without capital cost;
  • eliminate the expense and time consumed in meeting today’s stringent quality-assurance and environmental demands in-house.

Representing the majority of UK subcontractors, the Contract Heat Treatment Association (CHTA) has designed this website to assist you in making the most of these benefits.

CHTASEAEstablished in 1973, the Contract Heat Treatment Association is affiliated to the Surface Engineering Association (SEA).